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Dance Deewane 4: Get Ready to Be Swept Off Your Feet!

All dance enthusiasts are invited! Colors Tv positioned as the top favorite dance reality show of Dance Deewane 4 promises nothing but the shock of the scream, humorous stories, and nerve tingling competition. Along this content, you will come across anything you need to known about Dance Deewane 4. What you need to do after is just to get up, and start dancing.


Madhuri Dixit is back again. She always impresses her competitors with her expertise and warmth.
Tushar Kalia joins Madhuri for his fourth season, bringing his sharp vision and knowledge to the panel.
Dharmesh Yelande is back with his most boundless energy and passion, and he hopes to impress with versatility.

Telecast time:

Premiere: February 3, 2024
Broadcast Time : Every Monday and Sunday, 9:30 pm (IST).


Dance Deewane 4 opens its stage activity to the best dancers from all ages and backgrounds, who join individual types, duos and groups. Each contestant gets an opportunity to showcase their unique story and dancing skills at the national level.

Repeat Telecast:

Repeat Telecast: Wednesday to Thursday, 12:00 noon (IST) and 6:00 pm

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