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Dance Plus Pro: Where Passion Ignites and Talent Shines!

Dance Plus Pro On StarPlus

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the dynamic moves and nostalgic stories of India most talented dancers, who electrify Starplus Dance Plus Pro, a show that is set to enthrall viewers with its thrills and thrills.


Remo D’Souza is back as Kazi and Mentor.

Rahul Shetty, Puneeth J. Pathak, and Shakti Mohan join Remo as Captains.
Tushar Shetty and Sushanth take over the hosting duties, adding their wit and passion to the vibrant atmosphere.

Telecast time and start date:

– The show premiered on December 16, 2023, lights up your screen every Friday and every Saturday at 6:00 PM IST.


Dance Plus Pro is not just a dance competition, but it is a project for exceptional dancers of all ages, styles and environments, a platform to show their talent and dreams. pieces, pairs, and groups competing with each other.

Repeat Telecast:

Re-live your hosted Magical performances on weekdays at 12:00 PM IST and 7:30 PM IST to relive Magical performances.

The most recent updates:

The competition is intensifying with each episode, as teams showcase their distinctive styles, fighting for their place in the finals.

Special competitions and guest contributions add emotional moments to the show and add new perspectives.

Emotional backdrops and breathtaking moments connect the dancers to the viewers, who really feel to see their journey as well as their professional.

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