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Peri Gilpin Joins Frasier Revival Cast to Celebrate Past and Honor Present

Peri Gilpin, best known as Roz Doyle from Frasier Crane’s radio producer radio series Roz, made an unexpected and delightful cameo appearance during an episode entitled Reindeer Games as a Christmas treat and to rekindle some of its charm and humor that defined its original run.

Gilpin’s return is more than a cameo; she wants it to be seen as an emotional tribute to John Mahoney (Martin Crane of Frasier), who passed away last year and played Martin Crane – Frasier’s father – in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gilpin expressed both joy and nostalgia at being back on screen, noting the bittersweet nature of Mahoney’s absence from Frasier. Gilpin pointed out in the same interview how this revival series frequently refers to its predecessor – such as nods to “Cheers” or original “Frasier,” creating continuity while paying respect homage.

Gilpin hinted at further appearances as Roz, whom she deeply connects with as an on-screen persona. Gilpin’s portrayal was widely acclaimed for its boldness and humor – qualities she also relishes outside the screen. Her return would serve not just to celebrate “Frasier’s” enduring popularity but as evidence that its cast remains relevant today.

Kelsey Grammer returns as Frasier Crane while welcoming familiar faces from “Cheers,” including Bebe Neuwirth as Lilith Sternin – Frasier’s former flame – who returns for this revival, honoring its origins while exploring their depth.
As “Frasier” season 1 arrives on Paramount+, fans old and new alike can delight in its classic charm and revitalized spirit. This groundbreaking series has always been known for its sophisticated humor and heartfelt storytelling, something “Frasier” continues to do, showing audiences that some stories only improve over time.

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