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Prachand Ashok: A Fiery Tale of Love, Power, and Transformation

Get ready with the blazing glory of the greatness of ancient India. With Colors TV latest historical drama, “Prachanda Ashoka.” This magnificent story chronicles the extraordinary journey of King Ashoka, who is renowned for his transformation from a fierce fighting soldier to a compassionate and just leader.


ADNAN KHAN shows the titular character of King Ashoka.
Milkha Singh shines as Korvaki.
Vineet Sharma delves deep into the role of Radhagupta, Ashoka’s wise advisor and Murshid, who guides him in his journey of transformation.
A specialist ensemble cast bring alive the grim historical milieu, infusing the story with depth and interest.

Telecast time and start date:

I’m connected to this journey With show premiere : February 5, 2024
Watch the new episodes every Monday to Thursday at 7:00 PM (IST) on Colors TV.

Repeat Telecast:

– Every day, Wednesday to Thursday, 12:30 pm (IST) and 5:30 pm

The most recent updates:

The current track focuses on Ashoka’s inner caliphate. While they are struggling with their past and desire tolerance of Islam.
The production of breakfast with their Korvaki faces many obstacles. While politicians clash with demand in the struggle for love for peace and rights.
Radhagupta’s guidance is crucial in Ashoka’s perilous journey into the world of politics and war.

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