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Chiranjeevi Hanuman: Star Plus Serial Cast, Story, Telecast Timing, and Latest Updates

Chiranjeevi Hanuman marks a significant addition to Star Plus‘s repertoire of mythological dramas, promising viewers a spiritual and visual spectacle. Created by the minds behind iconic series like “Mahabharata” and “Siya Ke Ram,” this new serial is set to captivate audiences with its portrayal of Lord Hanuman’s legendary tales.


While specific details about the cast are eagerly awaited, “Chiranjeevi Hanuman” is expected to feature a blend of established and emerging talents, bringing the epic story of Hanuman to life with authenticity and grandeur.

Telecast Timing and Start Date:

“Chiranjeevi Hanuman” is slated to begin its telecast in November 2023, taking over the 8:30 PM slot previously occupied by “Imlie.” The show will air from Monday to Sunday on Star Plus, ensuring a daily dose of divine storytelling.


The serial delves into the life of Hanuman, showcasing his unparalleled devotion to Lord Rama, his incredible strength, and his adventures. It aims to present a fresh perspective on Hanuman’s story, blending mythological depth with high-quality visual effects (VFX) to create a mesmerizing viewing experience.

Repeat Telecast:

Details regarding the repeat telecast timings will be announced closer to the show’s premiere, ensuring that enthusiasts have multiple opportunities to enjoy the saga.

Latest Updates:

“Chiranjeevi Hanuman” is anticipated to set new benchmarks in the portrayal of mythological narratives on Indian television. With its state-of-the-art VFX, the show promises to transport viewers to the mythical realms of Hanuman’s adventures, offering a unique blend of spirituality and entertainment.


“Chiranjeevi Hanuman” on Star Plus is poised to be a groundbreaking series that combines mythological storytelling with cutting-edge technology. As the show prepares to enchant viewers, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Hanuman’s story and its relevance in contemporary times. Stay tuned to Star Plus and Disney+ Hotstar for the latest updates on this epic journey.

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